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12 Jul 2023

Revving Up Luxury: Hosting VIP Guests for the F1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Last weekend, I again, had the honor of hosting VIP guests at Silverstone for the F1 British Grand Prix. Here’s a glimpse into the unforgettable day filled with luxury and excitement. Our private trackside hospitality suite offered a breathtaking view of the iconic Silverstone circuit. The ambiance was electric as everyone eagerly awaited the race, […]

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04 Apr 2023

Beyond the Checkered Flag: Discovering the Magic of F1 Grand Prix Host Cities – Barcelona & Monaco

Formula One fans, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a ride through two of the most electrifying cities in the F1 calendar – Barcelona and Monaco! Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia in Spain, has been a regular host of the Spanish Grand Prix since 1991, and the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is the perfect setting for […]

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17 Mar 2023

Living the High Life: An Unforgettable VIP Experience at the F1 Monaco Grand Prix on a Yacht in Zone 1

Picture this: you step aboard a luxurious yacht, your eyes immediately drawn to the stunning view of Monaco Harbour stretching out before you. The salty breeze brushes past your face as you take in the opulent surroundings of the Superyacht – plush furnishings, a choice of viewing balconies, and a fully stocked bar just a […]

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16 Mar 2023

“Revved Up and Ready to Go: The Ultimate F1 Spanish Grand Prix Experience in a Glass-Fronted Hospitality Suite”

Holy guacamole, attending the F1 Spanish Grand Prix as a guest of a glass-fronted hospitality suite in the middle of the main grandstand is an incredible experience! If you’re a motorsports fan, this is a bucket list item that you gotta tick off. When you step into the suite, you’re hit with an atmosphere of […]

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16 Mar 2023

Save Big, Enjoy More: JDC’s Friday/Saturday British GP Hospitality…

Are you ready for an epic experience at the British Grand Prix? Look no further than JDC Promotions’ Private Hospitality Suite. Our Friday and Saturday packages offer unbeatable value for money, without compromising on the excitement and luxury you deserve. Picture yourself sitting in our private viewing area, sipping on a cold drink and taking […]

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07 Mar 2023

F1 Hospitality. The hassle free experience…

Are you a Formula One fan looking to attend a race? Have you considered experiencing the race as a VIP hospitality guest? Attending an F1 race as a VIP guest can provide you with an unforgettable experience and access to exclusive perks. Firstly, as a VIP hospitality guest, you will receive prime seating with unbeatable […]

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02 Dec 2020


This month our spotlight feature pretty much picked itself. He’s been the most successful British motorsport driver for some years, but 2 weeks ago he became a seven-time Formula 1 World Champion, matching the legendary Michael Schumacher, and officially becoming the most successful racing driver ever! Our spotlight feature for this month is Lewis Hamilton [...]
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27 Nov 2020


We hosted the second edition of our Torque Shop series on Wednesday 18th November. We were joined by Louise Goodman who asked the questions to Jamie Chadwick, Jade Edwards, and Esmee Hawkey. If you would like to watch the webcast again or missed it on the day then here it is! Thanks to our sponsors [...]
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08 Nov 2020


Graham Hill will always be remembered for his dapper Gentleman Racer persona he so effortlessly presented both at the track an also in the media. However, under that amiable exterior was the heart of a true swashbuckling racer who to this day is the only motor racing driver to achieve the Triple Crown of Motorsport [...]
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