07 Dec 2021

10 reasons to love F1 Winter Testing with Pit Lane Suite Hospitality

I have been hosting our guests at F1 Winter Tests for over 12 years now. For me the F1 Winter Tests are absolutely one of my most favourite events to attend. I think It has something to offer every type of F1 fan, and to my mind should be on every fans “must-do” list! Let’s take a look at my 10 reasons for why…

    Yes, you read that right… Paddock Access is included! As Pit Lane Suite holders at the circuit, we will be able to offer all our guests the opportunity to visit the F1 Paddock. Over the years this has meant many of our guests have had the opportunity to meet Drivers, Team Bosses, and other familiar faces from Sky T.V etc. In addition to rubbing shoulders with the F1 elite it also offers you the opportunity to get close and soak up the atmosphere. I think I agree with many of our guests over the years… It really does make you feel like you are part of the F1 fraternity for the day.
    Another firm favourite – The Pit Lane Walk. Ever found yourself watching on T.V or even from the Main Grandstand looking at those lucky few with the chance to walk one of the sports most sacred areas? From 1pm each day our guests will have their opportunity to do just that.
    With the circuit tours you will have the opportunity to see every corner of the circuit without having to walk an inch! As our guest you will have access to our minibus tours which use the inner works road of the track. You start to get a real sense of the driving challenge when you see just how much the track undulates and an all-new sense of speed as an F1 Car whooshes past you in the blink of an eye!
    We find ourselves at no.4 and we haven’t yet talked about the Pit Lane Hospitality Suite. This never fails to disappoint. Located in the Main Pit Building above the team garages you have an up close and personal view of all the roaring F1 Cars, Practice Starts, Practice Pit Stops, F1 Teams and Broadcasting Personalities.
    It’s an attack on the senses (in a good way)! There is always something going on. From the outdoor balcony. Your eyes will feast upon the al-new 2022 F1 Cars with pleasing lines and liveries along with exceptional views of the International Pit Straight. Your ears will be bombarded with the sounds of whizzing wheel guns, spinning tyres and revving engines. Meanwhile the nose will be treated to the smells of gasoline and burning rubber. Inside Pit Lane Hospitality Suite your taste buds will be rewarded with an assortment of fine Spanish Cuisine and a steady flow of complementary drinks.
    Want to get that multiple turn view? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We have a VIP Grandstand located on the inside of the track at Turn 10 offering a spectacular view of the arena from the inside looking out at the complex. You’ll see the cars come though a challenging part of the circuit.
    There is a lot to be said for sharing an experience with other like-minded people. At the F1 Winter Tests you are certain to meet other enthusiasts with the same interests in F1 as you. Whilst we have guests from every corner of the world and from all walks of life. Year on year we see a real sense of community among our guests (many of which meet on the day) with many by the end of the day choosing to share a drink at the Hotel bar and relaying their their stories from that day at the circuit.
    All this talk about F1 Cars and such but so far the beautiful city hasn’t even got a mention… Of course, we can’t leave this off our list!! It’s as if all that F1 action isn’t reward enough but at the end of full day at the circuit you get to go play in one of Europe’s most stunning cities. You’ll never be stuck for something to do here by night. You’ll be spoilt for choice with its seemingly endless choice of Restaurants, Bars and Nightlife. Likewise, should you find yourself extending your stay there is plenty to keep you occupied by day. How about visit to the famous La Sagrada Família Basilica by Antonio Gaudí for starters and a walk down La Ramblas or perhaps any other of the myriad of tourist attractions the city has to offer. Either way a member of our team will always be on hand to make some suggestions and assist where required.
    Whether you are a serious photographer or just someone looking to capture the moment the Tests offer the best of all worlds. Simply put you will be as close as it’s possible to get without breaking the bank. You’ll have the best combination of views and access enabling you to get those shots of the new cars and/or those shots with you and famous faces of the F1 Paddock.
    You will be among very few lucky people who get the very first look at the all new F1 Cars. Not only that you’ll be able to keep a live check on all those lap times from the timing monitors in the Pit Lane Suite!
    Let’s face it… we all like to show off from time to time. Combing all the above definitively gives you the ultimate “Bragging Rights”. There is so much to do and see at an F1 Test Day you are certain to come home with plenty to boast about!

Why not check out our F1 Winter Testing Packages – CLICK HERE. We hope you have enjoyed this read and hope to see you in Barcelona sometime soon.