F1® World Championship – From the buzz of the racetrack to the legendary drivers themselves, F1® is one of the most exciting and exhilarating events on the sporting calendar.
With 21 countries playing host to the Grand Prix, the chance to experience the glamour, thrill and intoxicating atmosphere of F1® is more obtainable than ever.
European hosts include Russia, Spain, Monaco, Azerbaijan, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Silverstone right here in the UK. Further afield, Australia, Bahrain, China, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, USA, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi also all play host to their own impressive Grand Prix.
Whether you’re keen to experience F1® in Europe or across the globe, why not do it in ultimate style with a hospitality package tailored to your preferences? Catering to your every whim, we can provide amazing trackside experiences, exclusive views of the F1® Paddock, F1® Team Garage and Pit Stop, as well as luxurious accommodation, yachts and helicopter transportation.


March 17 Australian Grand Prix
March 31 Bahrain Grand Prix
April 14 Chinese Grand Prix
April 28 Azerbaijan Grand Prix
May 12 Spanish Grand Prix
May 26 Monaco Grand Prix
June 9 Canadian Grand Prix
June 23 French Grand Prix
June 30 Austrian Grand Prix
July 14 British Grand Prix
July 28 German Grand Prix
August 4 Hungarian Grand Prix
September 1 Belgian Grand Prix
September 8 Italian Grand Prix
September 22 Singapore Grand Prix
September 29 Russian Grand Prix
October 13 Japanese Grand Prix
October 27 Mexican Grand Prix
November 3 United States Grand Prix
November 17 Brazilian Grand Prix
December 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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